About Mushroom Wars 2

In Mushroom Wars 2, tribes of feisty mushrooms face off in short, action-packed RTS battles. Step into the shoes of a fearless Mushroom Commander, choose a hero to lead your army, take control of the battlefield in a variety of multiplayer modes or challenging single-player campaigns. Sequel to the hit RTS games of the last generation, Mushroom Wars 2 introduces hero characters, reimagined campaigns for each tribe of Mushroom folk, even wilder co-op and competitive multiplayer, as well as a visual overhaul, while preserving the core gameplay mechanics that made the original Mushroom Wars so enjoyable.

About Zillion Whales

Our team of game producers, designers and marketing specialists distributes games on iOS, Android and other digital platforms, connecting with game developers across the globe to bring great games to...

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Important Dates

Release:   Thursday, July 5th, 2018


Publisher:   Zillion Whales
Developer:   Zillion Whales


  iOS   Android   Windows   Mac OSX   Linux   Switch

News & Announcements

  • Spy the spores on the Nintendo eShop — Mushroom Wars 2 launches today on the Swi...
    Thursday, July 5th, 2018
  • No longer relegated to the likes of cream soups and vegetarian meat substitutes,...
    Thursday, May 31st, 2018
  • The war between mushroom tribes shows no signs of slowing! Mushroom Wars 2 is we...
    Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
  • Check out the launch trailer for this new crimini-ally adorable RTS.
    Friday, October 6th, 2017

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