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Life of Delta

Life of Delta PORT-ed for Duty!

Posted October 18, 2023 by Chris Priestly
This beautifully rendered point-and-click adventure is available now on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5!
Starship Troopers: Extermination

Starship Troopers: Extermination Update 0.5 Brings Hive Hunt + Shotguns

Posted October 12, 2023 by TJ Anhorn
The caves of Valaka are infested with enemy Arachnids, and only YOU can exterminate the, soldier!
House Flipper 2

House Flipper 2 Gets a Groundbreaking Sandbox Mode

Posted October 12, 2023 by Victoria Alberto
Sandbox Mode empowers you to craft houses from the ground up. Watch the new trailer!

The frontlines of war are open once again

Posted October 09, 2023 by Adolfo Aguirre
UNITED 1944 joins Steam Next Fest with a multiplayer demo experience
The Thaumaturge

11 bit studios’ The Thaumaturge Launches on PC this Dec. 5th - Play the Prologue Demo NOW as part of Steam Next Fest

Posted October 09, 2023 by Hanna Herauf
The Thaumaturge announces December 5th PC launch with new gameplay trailer and Steam Next Fest demo!
Sovereign Syndicate

Embark on a Fantastical Steampunk Adventure Next Year, as Sovereign Syndicate Launches on January 15th.

Posted October 09, 2023 by Matt Broitman
And check out the newly updated demo now as part of Steam Next Fest
The Fabulous Fear Machine

Fear Is Here: Pulp Horror RTS The Fabulous Fear Machine Launches Today

Posted October 04, 2023 by Sarah Dawson
The creators of Do Not Feed The Monkeys are back with a stylish and unsettling narrative strategy game where players wield myth, conspiracy, and scary stories to manipulate the masses
The Alters

Meet Jan. Surviving All By Himselves in 11 bit studios’ The Alters Character(s) Reveal Trailer

Posted October 04, 2023 by Hanna Herauf
Today, Polish developer 11 bit studios unveiled a gripping new trailer for The Alters, their enigmatic sci-fi adventure, based on an all-new original IP.
Battle Shapers

Unleash Fist and Firepower | Battle Shapers Punches the Early Access Clock Today

Posted October 03, 2023 by Charles Singletary
Calling all daring roguelite enthusiasts and sharp-eyed first-person shooter aficionados! Battle Shapers has arrived.

Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars! EVERSPACE 2’s Console Launch Blasts Off With A New Free Update!

Posted October 02, 2023 by Charles Singletary
Coming in hot after a successful PC launch, EVERSPACE 2’s much-anticipated PlayStation and Xbox debut launch takes to the stars with more than 1,111,111 Game Pass players.

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