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Frozen District Releases Spring Update for House Flipper 2 with New Trailer, Moves Console Release Date

Posted March 06, 2024
Kraków, Poland - March 6th, 2024 - After launching House Flipper 2 to critical acclaim last December, Frozen District has today launched the game’s new Spring update alongside a new accolades trailer, while also announcing that the release date for the console versions of House Flipper 2 will be pushed back to April 10th. The Spring Update brings new furnishings, decorations, and a new job to the coastal community of Pinnacove, while the new trailer brings together some of the most notable impressions from the industry’s top outlets. Watch the trailer below!
Frozen District also announced today that they will move the launch date for console versions of House Flipper 2 from March 21st to April 10th, giving the team extra time to optimize the gameplay for console certification, and to include both the Spring and April Fool’s Day updates (arriving April 1st) for all console players.

The Spring update brings new furniture, decor, and mechanics, and adds eagerly awaited new content for players!

New Items:
  • Stylish curtains and floor coverings, including carpets that can be spread like tiles
  • Elegant blinds, plus realistic fire for fireplaces and candles
  • Exclusive spring order items, a handy ladder, and cozy pillows for that touch of comfort

Enhanced Mechanics:
  • Enjoy the perk of sleeping in beds to rejuvenate your character
  • Now sell stairs and roofs directly in the campaign 
  • Resize objects in Flipper Mode for that perfect fit in any space

Exciting Additions:
  • Meet 4 new buyers, each with their own unique preferences and needs
  • Explore one new house available for purchase and dive into a new mission order
  • Embark on a special job from Nico and Carol, transforming their home into a haven for a healthier lifestyle!

House Flipper 2 improves upon the design-and-management formula of the original, while introducing a host of brand-new features, as well as a complete overhaul of the first game’s mechanics—all presented in a crisp new visual style.

In House Flipper 2, players can unleash their creativity with ease in the all-new Sandbox mode. This feature allows you to construct homes and missions from the ground up, recreate buildings from real life or homes featured in hallmark movies, and share your creations with the entire community. Explore the House Flipper 2 Community Content Hub to discover nearly 1000 imaginative works by players, including the Pink Pine P., Jump Park, Hill House, The Glass Maze, Cottagecore Tudor Basement Build, Antinea Lost Hotel, and many others!  

Following the global success of the first House Flipper—boasting over 5 million copies sold, a peak of 18,000 players on Steam at once, and six expansion packs—House Flipper 2 launched to critical acclaim in December 2023, and currently has a MetaCritic score of 79. 

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