Still Joking

Take Good Hard Look in the Mirror Next Year with Still Joking

Posted September 29, 2023
 Ever look into the mirror and suspect there's more past the glass than we're told? Still Joking, a gorgeously animated visual novel adventure coming next year from Purple Brick Games will let you see farther beyond the looking glass than ever before.

Still Joking tells the story of a reflection investigating the murder of their "prototype" —the person they reflect, which for Iris was a famous actress. Now having to live apart from her other, you must help Iris make decisions that will shape her adventure and the journey she embarks on to solve the crime.  Navigate a world similar but separated from our own by just pane of glass, with your actions being reflected in how other characters interact with Iris, and strive to find a life now all her own.

Still Joking is coming to PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store next year, make sure to wishlist it now to keep an eye on it for yourself! 
About Still Joking

Reflections always do the exact same thing we do. They are forced to repeat all the morning routines, all the self-affirmations and funny faces, and sometimes even the death of their prototype.

So what happens after? How do they deal with it?

Play as Iris, a reflection of the famous actress murdered in front of the mirror. Torn away from usual life, you’re at a turning point where decisions must be made, and they will shape you. 

Embrace the sudden journey through the void accompanied by your inner voice and many other distinct characters.

  • Live your life.
    Build your future; solve a murder; meet other reflections and learn of their own tricky stories.
  • Have fun.
    Step into the deadly void to hear its voice; accept a cheese roll from the Chosen One; get drunk; and start losing your mind.
  • Don’t have fun.
    Complete tasks for different factions; impress your curator; try to understand the nature of mysterious cracks; and piece together the story of this world – one thing at a time.
  • Solve problems.
    Break up arguments; expose the wrongdoers; offer support to those who truly need it.
  • Create problems.
    Become the reason for an argument, injury, or even… death.

Do it on purpose, do it unintentionally, or just don’t at all.
Be loved, be lonely and yet never alone. Joke, and then joke some more.
Welcome onboard! 
About Purple Brick Games
We are a tight-knit international team with a diverse, almost laughable background: a lawyer, a teacher, a translator, a chemist, an economist, a journalist, a musician, a college dropout, and - wait for it - a game designer! But what unites us is a shared passion for crafting unforgettable story-driven games. We believe in the power of narratives to immerse players in different worlds, and we pour our hearts into creating compelling stories that resonate with players long after the game is over. 

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