About Still Joking

"Still Joking"" is an interactive adventure that blends visual novel, fiction, and detective mystery in a reflective world slightly different from ours, featuring complex characters and relationships. Players take on the role of Iris, the reflection of a murdered actress, and navigate a journey through the void, accompanied by an inner voice and other distinct characters, shaping their own future, solving a murder, and encountering other reflections with their own stories. The game offers multiple endings, 12-15 hours of playthrough with over 1,000 choices and 400,000 words, interactive elements like QTEs and investigation mechanics, and a fully voiced cat.

About Purple Brick Games

We are a tight-knit international team with a diverse, almost laughable background: a lawyer, a teacher, a translator, a chemist, an economist, a journalist, a musician, a college dropout, and - wait...

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Important Dates

Release:   May 2024


Publisher:   Purple Brick Games
Developer:   Purple Brick Games


  Windows   Mac OSX

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