Broken Spectre

The Mountain Calls You June 21st: VR Horror Game Release Date Revealed at UploadVR Summer Showcase

Posted June 14, 2023
Toronto, Canada – (June 14, 2023) Get a terrifying, hands-on peek at the future of VR horror games in the new trailer for Broken Spectre, an upcoming cosmic horror narrative game arriving June 21 on Meta Quest from award-winning studio Games by Stitch.

The trailer debuted earlier today at the UploadVR Summer Showcase, announcing the release date for the highly-anticipated game, which legendary horror magazine Fangoria called “the VR haunted park adventure of your nightmares.” 
From one of the creators of The Blair Witch Project, Broken Spectre puts players in the role of Casey, a determined adventurer weighed down by shadowy secrets from her past. Twenty-five years ago, her father hiked into the inhospitable wilderness of the Coldblood Mountain National Park in northern Canada and was never seen again. When Casey discovers he may still be alive, she sets out on a path of extreme danger, venturing farther and farther into the treacherous, unforgiving wilds. Compelled to climb to higher and more dangerous elevations as she uncovers the story of her father’s disappearance, she faces worsening weather, frostbite, and stomach-churning horror in the form of mutated experiments, gruesome clues, and bizarre cult rituals. Trapped in a maze of hiking trails, abandoned mines, and mountain passes, time seemingly bends and the line between reality and nightmares blurs as cryptic puzzles abound and past traumas are revealed. All as a part of a singular, mind-bending VR horror experience.

Terror You Can Touch
“We saw the potential for hand-tracking and doubled down on it.” says Evan Jones, Executive Producer on Broken Spectre. “Using your hands directly amplifies body horror so much. You pick up a knife with your bare hands and you know you’re going to do something terrible with it.”

Broken Spectre’s industry-leading hand-tracking mechanics make for incredibly unique gameplay. No controllers are required, as players use their own hands to discover objects, climb sheer rock faces, experience gruesome body horror, and quite simply fight for their lives.

Experience the hand-tracking horror for yourself when Broken Spectre arrives June 21 on Meta Quest.

For more information about Broken Spectre, head over to, visit the Games by Stitch YouTube channel for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game, or join the conversation on Twitter.

About Games by Stitch:
Games by Stitch is an indie studio that designs thoughtful narrative games in all genres. A division of Stitch Media, we have collaborated since 2007 with dozens of creative and technical teams to achieve award-winning projects across many platforms.

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