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"25 years ago your father climbed the mountain and never came back. Now he's calling for you. Broken Spectre is a cosmic horror narrative adventure game developed in collaboration with the makers of The Blair Witch Project. A cryptic message left by her father takes Casey back to the abandoned trails of Coldblood Mountain, a remote wilderness that has haunted her family for generations. In addition to its unique, macabre visual style, Broken Spectre takes advantage of the Meta Quest 2’s immersive hand-tracking controls to bring unparalleled realism to the game’s dark mystery and gruesome body horror elements."

About Stitch Media Ontario Inc.

Games by Stitch started in 2007 with a vision that interactive stories combine distinct elements into something greater. They have collaborated with dozens of creative and technical teams to achieve a...

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Release:   Coming Soon


Publisher:   Games by Stitch
Developer:   Games by Stitch



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