11 bit studios Tease Project Vitriol, the Publisher’s “Biggest Game Yet”

Posted June 17, 2022
Warsaw, Poland - June 17th, 2022 — Renowned publisher 11 bit studios and their External Development subdivision are thrilled to announce their biggest game to date—codenamed Project  Vitriol—while simultaneously sharing that they have a Publisher Steam Sale starting today.

Project Vitriol is currently External Development’s biggest enterprise. With a budget of well over 17 million Polish zlotys, allowing for full voice-acting and motion capture sessions for characters in the game, Project Vitriol is of a scale and scope not previously undertaken by the publisher. Today, they’re proud to unveil a brand-new teaser trailer that hints at the game’s esoteric atmosphere, as seen below. 
“Our game is a deep, morally ambiguous narrative-driven RPG,” said Jakub Rokosz, CEO/Project Lead at Fool’s Theory.But let me unveil a bit of the real essence: the game is about the esoteric side of reality, that dark part of the world that most of us don't see and are not aware of. But the darkness—it is there, lurking behind every corner. It watches us closely from the shadows, and whether we know it or not, takes its toll, making sure we’re going to have a debt to pay. [Vitriol’s] story begins in a place and time where reality, folklore, energy and mysticism met together in a melting pot: early XX century Warsaw, under imperial Russian tsardom. Global reveal of Project Vitriol coming this summer!”
As both of these titles continue to garner commercial and critical success, it’s no surprise that 11 bit studios have gained the flexibility and credibility necessary to work on a game as ambitious as Project Vitriol. 

With the Publisher Sale on Steam now live and ongoing, many 11 bit studios gems are available at their lowest prices yet. Additionally, Steam users can learn and get excited about some of the publisher’s upcoming releases while having access to the sale. See below:

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