Go Diving with Ylands ‘Ocean Odysseys’ Update - Available Now

Posted March 30, 2022
Featuring sharks and brand-new underwater biotopes!
PRAGUE, Czech Republic - March 30, 2022 - Bohemia Interactive is announcing today the release of Ylands ‘Ocean Odysseys’. Ylands is a charming, free-to-play, low-poly exploration game that offers players classic survival elements like crafting, base building, fighting, and sailing. This new update will significantly expand Ylands’ universe with additional content and features for deep-sea exploration!

Watch Ylands Ocean Odysseys Teaser Video

As the name suggests, Ocean Odysseys will introduce a brand new underwater world to Ylands with extra underwater terrain to explore, new underwater biotopes, five different shark types and other fish, and new devices to aid navigation. These additions along with the improved multiplayer mode, damageable ships, and a loot container are all meant to renew the ever-growing Ylands’ experience.
Key features of Ocean Odysseys:

  • New underwater biotopes like kelp forests and glowing coral reefs
  • Five types of sharks, along with tuna, clownfish, and jellyfish
  • Improved spawning system and ability to see friends on the map
  • Ships can suffer damage from other players and sink
  • New depth meter, fuel meter, hull integrity meter, and more
  • Entire inventory neatly contained in a loot box upon death

“For a long time, the seas in Ylands have offered bare, empty depths with an uninteresting seabed,” says Ylands Project Lead Ales Ulm. “This update changes that in a big way. Players will now be able to look for resources and enjoy gorgeous underwater life, both harmless and dangerous while exploring new depths.”

Visit the Ylands website today for more information about Update 1.9 and all the latest Ylands news.

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