World Flipper

Kakao Games and Cygame Announce World Flipper Release Date Along With New Trailer

Posted August 31, 2021
Amsterdam, The Netherlands — August 31, 2021 — Multi-platform game publisher Kakao Games and lauded Tokyo-based video game publisher Cygames has established September 8th, 2021 as the official release date of their groundbreaking mobile action RPG, World Flipper.

Released for pre-registration on July 15th via the App Store and Google Play, World Flipper quickly garnered over 1 million pre-orders in anticipation of its global launch. 

World Flipper
masterfully blends RPG elements and pinball-centric gameplay with vibrant, 2D retro-style pixel graphics. Players can gather resources, collect new units, and grow their powers, with near-endless combinations of characters, skills, and weapons, creating a dizzying array of tactics to mix and match. Experience engaging storylines, special events, daily dungeon challenges, and exciting boss battles, playable by up to three users simultaneously.

In conjunction with the release date announcement, Kakao Games and Cygames are happy to share a brand new introduction trailer, showcasing the unforgettable art style and fast-paced action that makes World Flipper a unique mobile gaming experience. 

Flip your way into exciting and mysterious worlds, team up with brave and exotic heroes and fight the forces of evil together. An epic pinball adventure awaits!
About World Flipper
World Flipper is a pinball action game with RPG elements for the mobile featuring retro 2D-style pixel graphics. Players choose a character aligned with one of six elements, each character triggering special skills. Aside from the main storyline, there are event dungeons and boss battles where up to 3 users can simultaneously play.

About Cygames
Cygames, Inc., formed as a CyberAgent group company, is an acclaimed developer and operator of mobile and console games. In addition to creating original mobile game titles such as Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, and Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Cygames also produces manga, animation, and various other media.

About Citail
Citail, Inc. is a subsidiary game developer of Cygames, which was established on February 6th, 2015. Starting with World Flipper, Citail develops apps published by Cygames.

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