Warpips Receives Community-Requested Endless Mode Update and Halloween-Horror Content

Posted October 25, 2021
Hamburg, Germany, October 25th 2021 - Befitting the spooky season Skirmish Mode Games announce the appropriately named Endless Horror Update for their tug-of-war strategy game Warpips. The update introduces a new (and permanent) community-requested Endless Mode as well as exclusive, seasonal Halloween content.  

In Warpips, you assemble an army of vehicles and infantry and send them into explosive, physics-based battles. The new Endless Mode has literally no end: it's a "beat the high score" mode where you try to beat your own local high score per map. You can post your results to a special leaderboard in the official Warpips Discord channel where the current record will be pinned for others to beat. Since it does not need to be unlocked, you can play the new Endless Mode right away.

Along with the new mode, the update introduces balance changes for Endless and Conquest Modes as well as a new spooky music track. Additionally, you will now be welcomed into a Halloween-themed main menu and while playing, keep your eyes open for light-up toy pumpkins, scary set dressing and creepy pumpkins, ominous coffins and eerie tombstone props inside the game world on every level. The Halloween-themed content will be available until 5th of November.

The addictive pixelated warfare title launched successfully into Steam Early Access on April 29th. 

More information can be found on Warpipssteam page. Press assets are available here.

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