Explosion-fueled Warpips has listened to players and provides the new Player Feedback Update

Posted September 16, 2021
Hamburg, Germany, September 16 2021 -  Skirmish Mode Games are really pleased that so many gamers have been playing and loving Warpips. They've been listening to their players. seeing what people love, but also the things that players think could be improved on. Today, they are pleased to announce the Player Feedback Update is now available and it addresses the changes players have most asked for head on.

Feedback has been taken from the in-game Feedback Form, Warpips' Discord and the Steam forums then compiled into a top list of quality of life additions for the game. Some of the changes players asked for that have been added include:
  • The player's units are not killed when the enemy objective explodes and instead remain alive and happy ready to go home to their lovely pixel families 
  • Adjusted turret accuracy UI display to be ironically more accurate
  • The campaign map will now show connections between territories 
  • Any units can now be sold back to the Arms Dealer for Combat Coupons 
  • Added a toggle to show or skip the battle intro cut scenes to the options menu 
  • Added a toggle to disable excessive blood and gore in the options menu 

Warpips is the ultimate quick-to-learn but amazingly deep tug-of-war strategy game. Deploy the right composition of soldiers, tanks, helicopters and planes in this tight mechanical strategy-focused combat game. Research the right units, create infinite strategic combinations and call down airstrikes to defeat the enemy. Battles are randomly generated bringing unlimited replayability that is different each time you play!

The addictive pixelated warfare title launched successfully into Steam Early Access on April 29th. The Player Feedback Update is the second major update since launch, but more updates and content is still on the way.

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