Warhaven Kicks-Off 2024 By Thanking Players For an Incredible First 100 Days

Posted January 04, 2024
Seoul, South Korea, January 4th, 2024 — It has been over 100 days since Warhaven entered Early Access and the team at Nexon has been blown away by the player's reaction to their free-to-play, fantasy brawler where medieval warriors battle immortal legends. Eunseok Yi, Warhaven’s Director, was so moved to take time away from new updates, including for the upcoming console edition, to write a special thank-you letter to all of the amazing fans.

There are so many great games in the world today. I want to thank all of you who, out of all the games in the world, have discovered and are having fun playing Warhaven”. Director Yi shares in the heartfelt message. “All of the feedback that you've given us through the official and unofficial community channels has been a great source of inspiration for all of us here.” You can read the full letter below!
Along with Director Yi’s letter, the team at Nexon put together a brand-new trailer highlighting content submitted by players from around the world, sharing their excitement for the game! Watch players fight against their enemies and become immortal on the carnage-strewn battlegrounds of Warhaven!
Warhaven’s December Winter Lights Festival update saw the return of the Goya cat people to the game with the release of Claw! Claw is a blade-wielding close-quarter combat expert who relies on agility to deal massive amounts of damage to multiple foes at once. Watch his trailer below, and remember, there are more updates still to come for Warhaven in 2024!
Warhaven is a PvP medieval fantasy brawler that pits two teams of 12 players against each other in thrilling objective-based multiplayer battles. Players are encouraged to play strategically by choosing from a varied roster of playable characters, each with unique roles and abilities.  During a match, players can also transform into powerful Immortals, capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor. Prepare for visceral carnage in large-scale, squad-based clashes that will test your skills and teamwork.

Warhaven is available now for Windows PCs via Steam Early Access, with a console release planned for later this year. Dive into the action today by visiting the official Steam page. For more information, head to the official website, explore the official lore site or read the official Webtoon series to immerse yourself in the rich World of Warhaven. Jump into the conversation and connect with fellow warriors by joining the official Warhaven Discord server.

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