A Familiar Face Returns in Warhaven Pre-Season 2, Starting December 14th!

Posted December 13, 2023
Seoul, South Korea, December 13th, 2023 — Nexon is delighted to announce that a new wave of content is coming to Warhaven with the official kick-off of Pre-Season 2 on December 14th. Along with a slew of winter-themed in-game events, the upcoming pre-season also introduces a new soldier to the battlefield of the immortals, a member of the feline-like Goya race, Claw!
The appearance of Claw marks the official return of the feline-like folk to Warhaven. Veteran players may remember fan-favorite “Arch” from the original Global Beta Test in 2022. Claw is a blade-wielding close-quarter combat expert who relies on agility to deal massive amounts of damage to multiple foes at once. Players of all levels can jump into the battle with Claw, however, players who are already familiar with Warhaven’s controls and prefer adopting high-risk, high-reward playstyles, will find him particularly alluring. With his unique soldier skill, “Soldier’s Fortune”, Claw can gain random enhancement buffs during a match, making this wild cat a wild card in battle!

On top of the new playable character, players will also get into the spirit of the season with the start of the “Winter Lights Festival” on December 14th. A number of winter-themed new challenges will become available, offering rewards such as WP, profile customization items, and more. Likewise, a Twitch Drops campaign, aptly titled “Winter Light Drops”, will run in parallel with Warhaven’s Pre-Season 2 between December 14th and December 28th. 
In a recently released development video titled “Late Night with Devs”, game caster Young-Il is joined by a member of the Warhaven team to talk about Claw, some of the inspirations behind the character, and discuss its unique design and playstyle. The video offers a great opportunity for those in the Warhaven community to know more about the upcoming snow-leopard-inspired soldier and provides unique insight into the minds of some of the people behind the game. Also, don’t want to miss the 1v1 Claw showdown at the end of the video!

Warhaven is a PvP medieval fantasy brawler that pits two teams of 12 players against each other in thrilling objective-based multiplayer battles. Players are encouraged to play strategically by choosing from a varied roster of playable characters, each with unique roles and abilities. Once per match, players are prompted to transform into powerful Immortals, capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor. Pre-Season 2 marks the second wave of new content added to the game during its Early Access phase, following the introduction of Bard in Pre-Season 1.
Warhaven is available now for Windows PCs via Steam Early Access, with a console release planned for 2024. Dive into the action today by visiting the official Steam page. For more information, head to the official website, explore the official lore site or read the official Webtoon series to immerse yourself in the rich World of Warhaven. Jump into the conversation and connect with fellow warriors by joining the official Warhaven Discord server.

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