3 Weeks of WARHAVEN Global Beta Test Results Unveiled!

Posted November 30, 2022
Seoul, South Korea, November 30th, 2022 - Nexon released the global beta test statistics and rankings of the close combat PvP game Warhaven held on Steam from October 12 to November 2. Gamers from all over the world who enjoy medieval fantasy and hand-to-hand combat participated in the test. This time, the title was introduced as an upgrade from previous alpha tests such as additions of two new game modes, various character skins, and the World Pass. 
The combat style and the propensity of battle chosen to become a hero
Warhaven consists of four players in a group on the battlefield, and it has been calculated that on average, 60% of 32 players in each round of a game were solo players. Participation by duo accounted for 21% of the total, with 11% and 7% having a three-person and a four-person party play respectively.

Among the six characters, including Blade (sword),  Spike (spear), and Smoke (incense burner), the highest rate of achieving the maximum level was found to be Blade. Blade could easily swing the sword while avoiding the opponent's attack, drawing continuous play motivation for many players. Spike, who hits a powerful shot at a distance during the battle, also settled at the top of the list, while Smoke, which helps teammates from the back and neutralizes opponents, came in third.
Podden was chosen as the most fun game mode to play
Among the four battlefields including the onslaught mode Moshabarg and Gella, the arms race map Hwara, and the skirmish mode Podden, Podden was selected as the most fun mode to play by users according to the survey.
Two canon-firing footholds and the existence of a long-ranged weapon, Ballista, make Podden a very competitive and intense map to play. Yet, the game mode was well received by users as the central foothold was not the only option to take for a victory. Players could use various strategies such as sweeping the enemy with cannons at once or taking the confluence base located in the south and targeting the base together.
Character skin preference designed with multicultural backgrounds
In Warhaven, you can experience character skin designs set in various cultures and eras, starting with medieval Europe. In this test, a variety of skins, ranging from modern military elements to Joseon Dynasty costumes, were presented, and the preferred skins of users by character are as follows:

Users who played Blade and Spike preferred plate armors including Rebel Plate and Traditional Plate. Trueheart Plate was most popular among Warhammer players, which was based on armor during the Joseon Dynasty. Arch (bow) players’ most beloved skin item was the chain armor used in medieval Europe, Silvertongue Brigandine. As for the Guardian (shield), the most favored armor was Warden of the Wastes, while players of Smoke mostly chose a modern look of Chirurgeon's Oath.
In addition, Nexon unveiled the top test players by category. During the test period, users who killed the most enemies achieved a total of 10,417 kills, while another record showed a player who killed enemies 69 times in one game. There was also a surprising record from a user who occupied the base 1,394 times in total, and a rare record of players who revived another player 36 times was also noticeable.

The director Eunseok Yi, who oversees the development of Warhaven, said, "We were able to confirm various data such as users' play types and preferred in-game contents during the global beta test," adding, "We will develop Warhaven as a more fun game based on the feedback obtained from our players".

WARHAVEN will be available on Windows PC through Steam. For more information, please visit the official website and Steam game page or jump on the conversation by joining Warhaven’s official Discord server.

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