The Global Beta Test for WARHAVEN Opens up on Steam Today!

Posted October 11, 2022
Seoul, South Korea, October 11th, 2022 - Nexon is thrilled to announce that the Steam Global Beta test of its new upcoming PvP combat title WARHAVEN will be available later today for all users who have requested access over on the game’s official Steam Page.

  •  The Global Beta Test is scheduled to run from October 11th at 5pm PT until November 2nd, and is set to include 3 unique game modes: “Skirmish”, “Onslaught”, and “Arms Race”.
  • Chances to win exclusive in-game items along with one-of-a-kind – rabbit mask – through variety of events
  • Nexon will kick-off a Second recruiting round for partner creators, set to take place from October 13th to October 26th

In case you missed it, check out the official WARHAVEN reveal trailer here.
The global test will begin today, at 5:00 pm PT and run for three weeks, ending on November 2nd. Anyone interested in jumping onto the game, is welcome to request access through Steam. For this upcoming beta, players will be able to clash weapons in four unique battlefields, each set apart by unique features and objectives to accomplish. In "Podden", players will battle for control of the central foothold within a fortress. In "Moshabarg", players can take advantage of colossal crossbows and human cannons to fight for victory. In "Gella", small cannons will become the best allies, and in "Hwara", soldiers will race to transport their War Machines to enemy lines.

During this period, Nexon will kick-off a second partner creators recruiting round for the title from October 13th to October 26th. Creators selected will enjoy various benefits such as exclusive in-game items and promotion of their channels.
Nexon is promising to give away "gold coins" and "silver coins" for players who manage to access the beta every day during the test period, which can be exchanged for various in-game goodies including character skins and background skin items. In addition, Nexon will also be running a "Gather a carrot and obtain a rabbit mask!" event. Players will earn themselves opportunities to collect a "carrot" depending on the number of times they accessed the game, wins, rounds of normal mode gameplay, and account level. The "carrots” can then be exchanged for a "rabbit mask", a one-of-a-kind skin item for in-game use.

"WARHAVEN is a close-quarters combat game that anyone can readily enjoy set in a medieval-fantasy setting. This test will be the first time gamers worldwide can come together and enjoy it," said Eun-Seok Lee, director at Nexon. “I hope you all experience the thrill and pleasure of grand-scale melee battle”.

The Global Beta Test for WARHAVEN is currently available for Windows PC through Steam, and will run until November 2nd. For more information, please visit the official website and Steam game page or jump on the conversation by joining WARHAVEN’s official Discord server.

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