Eyjafjallajökull Has Nothing on This Volcano! Fight Through Ash Clouds in the Latest Volcanoids Update

Posted June 25, 2021
Prague, Czech Republic, June 25th, 2021 — Volcanoid, the team behind steampunk shooter survival game Volcanoids, has released a major update to their co-op Early Access title today. Following on previous updates bringing new weapons and co-op to the game, the Summer Update delivers Volcanoids players a grab bag of new gear to play with. 

Watch the Customization Update Trailer: https://youtu.be/FwG7l4pBIUE
In Volcanoids, players race against the clock gathering supplies and materials to improve their drillship before having to dive below ground before the volcano erupts. Previously, players would emerge to discover the island’s lush forests regrown. Now, a thick dust cloud hangs over the island for a time forcing players to scrounge through ash and embers as their machine enemies seek them out.
Players can now also customize their drillship base with new colors, drill heads, and decals. As a special thank you , the Volcanoids team sent out a few custom in-game decals to some of their long term favorite content creators. See if you can spot them in the wild!

New melee weapons such as the Saw Gauntlet have been added to the game allowing players to get up close and personal with hostile machines. Use your new trusty flashlight tool to light up dark places and find your way through the ash cloud. 

The Volcanoids team has also added new community-requested drillship devices, making healing devices, item dispensers, and turret control stations available to build. With more options to build, beating back the machine menace becomes a lot more fun!

About Volcanoids 
Volcanoids sets players on an expedition to a forsaken island racked by mysterious volcanic eruptions triggered by mechanical beings. In order to survive the island’s natural elements, players must commandeer and upgrade a drillship to dive below eruptions that make the surface uninhabitable for periods of time. By exploring the island, players can discover new blueprints for ship upgrades and equipment, resources to refine and build, and rare technologies that will turn the battle against the mechanical monstrosities. Discover the mystery behind the eruptions and reclaim the island as your home on your own, or tackle the challenge with two to four friends in multiplayer.

Volcanoids is currently available for Windows and Linux in Steam Early Access

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