Volcano Princess

Volcano Princess Erupts Onto Steam This Spring, as Gamera Games Shares a New Trailer and Release Date!

Posted March 27, 2023
March 27th, 2023 - Shanghai, China -  Set in the age of swords and sorcery, the choices you make will affect your daughter's future, and as luck would have it, your date with fate may be coming sooner than you think! You can look forward to this all-new royal adventure erupting onto Steam library on April 21st, 2023.

Volcano Princess is being published by Gamera Games, and developed by Egg Hatcher Studio. At launch, it will feature both Chinese and Japanese voiceovers, with the Japanese version starring Nakahara Mai (known for her roles in Tales of Vesperia, CLANNAD, and When They Cry) as the voice of the daughter.
With more than 50 different endings to achieve, your parental guidance will help your daughter choose her own loyal lord, as well as study in the fields of martial arts, mathematics, science, charm, and art, all to secure the future of the Volcano Kingdom. Eager to jump in? The Steam demo for Volcano Princess is available for free today, with the early access version coming in a few weeks' time!
About Volcano Princess
You and your daughter live in the Volcano Kingdom. After the death of your spouse, the conflict between humans and demons has intensified forcing you to prepare your child for a world filled with new challenges. What kind of person will she grow up to be? 
Dive into an all-new parenting JRPG adventure where every decision you make will not only affect the future of your daughter but that of an entire empire!
Gameplay Features
Meet The Residents of The Volcano Kingdom
The sunlight filters softly through the trees, and the streets of the Volcano Kingdom are filled with whimsical tunes! Besides enjoying the delicacies and delights of the land with your darling daughter, players can also interact with a curious cast of characters.

Spending Precious Time with Your Princess!
As your daughter's sole guardian, it’s up to you to make sure she has everything she needs to be happy in her daily life and studies.  Explore new hobbies and interests with her; your child is always learning so it’s important to try different jobs and activities. Despite all the growth and change you experience together, the most important lesson you must teach is that the bonds of family can never be broken. 

A Wholesome and Tender Nurturing Experience! 
Focusing on familial growth, you will be responsible for raising a spunky preteen who will gradually learn how to better engage with people, and practice prim & proper etiquette. You will be able to arrange for her to attend one of four major colleges in the Volcano Kingdom. There she can learn music, take up painting, or become proficient in martial arts and combat. But take care - If you neglect her, things may go astray. 
Challenge For The Right To Rule 
When your daughter comes of age, she will be given the opportunity to pledge allegiance to one of the three lords of the land. By completing the tasks they assign, she can grow her standing and fame amongst the noble families. Finally, when things all come together at the Grand Volcano Festival, your daughter will be given the opportunity to show off her skills in a competition showcasing everything she’s learned! In the dark canyon, the secrets of the ancestors are buried, waiting to be discovered by the brave. 

Choose The Dream Ending 
What kind of person will your daughter become? Will she be an outstanding member of society? An ordinary citizen? Or will she walk the path of darkness and evil? Every decision you make will affect your daughter's future, so choose wisely!

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