Introducing Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance, New Map and Story

Posted November 03, 2021
PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - Bohemia Interactive announced Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance, the first entry in a new series of chronicles that will give players insight into the stories of characters in the Outlanders universe. The new update which will be released on November 3rd, 2021 is introducing lore, a new Shootout map, flash grenades, and various quality of life changes.

Watch the trailer:

The Outlands are changing forever

Through the new update, Bohemia is leaving behind the seasonal updates named after groups living in the Outlands. Instead, they’re introducing stories of individual Outlanders which will slowly reveal more information about the games universe set in post-war Norway. 

Unfold the Chronicles and walk the path of Vengeance! Listen to Adam’s story of despair, misery, hope and heartbreak. Discover the clues to learn why he became a merciless assassin in the new update and equip yourself with his iconic gear.

You can collect the gear of the main protagonist, Adam, in the Battle Pass, along with the audio cassettes that are available in the free tier of the Battle Pass. Additionally, players can enjoy the brand new Shootout map Kjerstin, the mighty L85A1, tactical flash grenades, and visual improvements for Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro. There is so much more to discover. Check out Vigor’s website for more information.

Chronicles: Vengeance includes:

●       Brand new Battle Pass of Chronicles: Vengeance
●       Shootout map: Kjerstin
●       Special issue weapon L85A1
●       Flash grenades
●       Cassette tapes and cassette player (available in the free tier of the Battle Pass)
●       Visual quality improvements (Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro)
●       Sawed-off and KS-23 shotguns are now secondary weapons
●       Anyone can now boost games without any limits
●       Path to Vengeance Pack in the platform stores

Vigor is available on Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Switch. For PR materials such as trailers, screenshots, and key art, please visit our updates page and download the Press Kit located at the bottom. Become part of the Vigor community on Twitter and Facebook.

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