Online Looter-Shooter Vigor Receives New Season 8: Trappers

Posted April 21, 2021
Vigor Season 8: Trappers brings new Battle Pass and two fresh content packs

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, April 21, 2021 - Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the release of Vigor’s upcoming Season 8: Trappers, which is available now for free on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The 8th season of the popular game includes a new sniper rifle PH M82, the Hunter Pack, Prey Pack, two loot events, and more! Soon, the over 10,000,000 Vigor players will be able to purchase their favorite old seasons through the new Legacy Tab in-game.

Season 8: Trappers includes:

●      Battle pass - Season 8: Trappers

●      Legacy Seasons Tab - Season 8 will feature a new in-game tab from where you will be able to purchase old seasons to re-play with friends. Legacy Seasons will roll out in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

●      New Weapon -   Try out the PH M82, and live up to the legacy!
 Hunter Pack (US$69.99)

  • Hunter Uniform - a unique variant of the battle pass uniform never sold before
  • 2855 (+1145 Bonus) Crowns

●      Prey Pack (US$19.99)

  • Hoodie (Bunny)
  • Bunny ears (Pink)
  • Bunny Nose (White)
  • Bunny Facepaint
  • Hoodie (Alpha)
  • Wolf hat (Gray)

●      Two Loot Events present in every Encounter - A fan-favorite, Loot Events per encounter are being upgraded from 1 to 2 for S8 and future Seasons. Players will love the variety of multiple looting events taking place in a single encounter.    

●      The Anti-camping Mortar Strike leaves along with the Mercenaries Season addressing the gameplay feedback from the community. 
Who are the Trappers?

Season 8 introduces a new theme in the Vigor universe. The Trappers live in harmony with nature. This is their land and their rules. They know their land like the palm of their hand and don’t hesitate to slaughter anyone who trespasses - they will fire at will. 

Will you dare to join them and prosper, or will you toy with them in the skin of innocent prey? 

About Vigor?

Outlive the apocalypse! Vigor is a looter shooter set in post-war Norway.

Shoot and loot during tense encounters.

Build your shelter and vital equipment.

Challenge others in various game modes.

Play on your own or fight together.

Over 10,000,000
players have jumped into the picture-postcard (but deadly) Outlands so far.

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