Get Drawn into the Enigmatic Mechanics of a Meditative Automation Game

Posted December 02, 2021
Hamburg and Munich, December 2, 2021 - The small but innovative video game developer Zar21 is excited to unveil VELONE, a highly complex and creative automation game that offers both high replayability as well as relaxation. The game is set for release on PC in 2022.

VELONE is a creative automation game, inspired by the classic Opus Magnum. On the mysterious planet VELONE, aliens have tasked you with saving their dying home. A collision with an asteroid has disrupted the entire energy supply. Now it is your job to build and program hydraulic mechanisms that create and place valuable Velone stones, restoring power to a civilization in peril.

Use logical thinking to solve difficult mechanical puzzles and come up with new and creative ways to program the Velone stones and beat the level. Enjoy the endorphin rush when your constructs execute your plan flawlessly and everything slots into place in one fluid series of motions. Each solved level rewards you with new information about the planet Velone, its climate, population, technology, society and more. 

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