Unleaving, The Artistic Avant-Garde Platformer Will Feature In Steam Next Fest!

Posted February 05, 2024
Toronto, Ontario, February 5th, 2024 - When everything seems hopeless, a child is awakened by whispers on the wind, and is then drawn into an imaginary world.

Orangutan matter is excited to announce that their debut title, Unleaving, will be arriving on Steam on March 27th, 2024. To showcase more gameplay from their new puzzle platformer, orangutan matter has released a new trailer revealing the captivating vistas players can explore once Unleaving is released.
Unleaving is a 2D puzzle platformer that weaves grounded physics and skill-based challenges into a metaphoric abstract narrative prompting players to ponder introspectively. The title is inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem: 'Spring and Fall: To a Young Child.'
Márgarét, áre you gríeving
Over Goldengrove unleaving?

By illustrating the opening lines of the poem in playable form, Unleaving explores the metaphor of 'Goldengrove' losing its leaves through a child's eyes and in a literal sense, invites players to experience different portrayals of the transient experiences of life. The use of real-life art serves to create landscapes that further grounds players in the world of a living painting, encouraging appreciation of both virtual and real beauty.

  • Combines Solitary Reflection & Exploration - players are invited to reflect upon their own life journeys as Unleaving explores the themes of perception, perception, and meaning using metaphorical storytelling.

  • Play Through A Work of Art - explore intricately hand-painted vistas as you guide the main character through the world of Unleaving

  • Solve Story Driven Puzzles - at it's core, Unleaving is a 2D puzzle platformer with core gameplay elements that players familiar to the genre will be comfortable with. However, with narrative influenced challenges drive players to discover their own paths forward.

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