Conquer a new map and overcome the Survivor Mode in the upcoming beta of UNITED 1944

Posted September 14, 2023
Novarama sets sights on their next beta period, one which promises to be the biggest yet. On the weekend of September 29 to October 1, players will be able to stand in the frontlines of the French guerrilla warfare activity in a brand new map during the height of the resistance, revisit a redesigned North Africa battlefield, and hunt for loot in a new Survivor game mode:
Two game modes will be part of the UNITED 1944 playtest weekend, where teamwork is the key to dominate in urban warfare. Players will be scavenging for resources, fortifying bases, defending outposts, crafting their gear and fighting the enemy in an immersive take on WWII battles that aims to be realistic yet rooted in fun gameplay. Squad up in 16v16 domination matches in the WW2 theaters of a new map set in France, where heavy fighting between the Allies and the Axis took the spotlight after D-Day, and a revamped and improved North Africa map, with better team balancing and new landmarks.

It’s not all about team versus team, however, as a new survivor mode makes its debut and takes the scavenging and open construction approach to a whole new level of tension. It’s a dog-eat-dog world: everyone is an enemy, and your only means of staying alive is what you can find around you. Look for resources, explore the city, and set up improvised bases anywhere as you fight for survival. Build, raid, kill, steal, scavenge, and destroy as you need for survival. Play for as long as you want, do your best to stay standing, and extract with as much loot as you’re capable of. Will you become a survivor of World War 2... or will your bones be buried forever in this city?

Also new to this beta are an updated day-night cycle with better visibility in the dark, improved movement, quality of life additions, and the Bren & Type 99 weapons, introducing with them the Light Machine Guns family to the game. These will give anyone an edge when trying to reduce enemy fortifications down to rubble and penetrate their defenses.
The upcoming closed beta, which will run uninterrupted for almost three full days from Friday September 29 at 6AM PT to Sunday October 1 at midnight PT, will have servers in Europe, North America, and Asia to ensure that all players in those regions get a smooth experience in the battle trenches. To request access to the beta, players can click the ‘Request access’ button on the UNITED 1944 Steam page starting now and join the official Discord server for developer updates, feedback and technical support. Please note that while this upcoming beta will have a larger capacity for a bigger and better playtest, submitting a request DOES NOT guarantee that you'll have access, so we encourage you to enlist now! Players who participated in the previous beta of UNITED 1944 don’t need to request access again, as they can download the game directly and load up straight into battle when the beta goes live!
A Twitch drops campaign will also take place during the weekend, creators can participate by linking their account and broadcasting the game which will grant their viewers with exclusive in-game items.

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About Novarama

Novarama was founded in 2003 with a simple idea in mind: to create innovative games with mass-market appeal. Hailing from sunny Barcelona, during the last 20 years, Novarama has been one of the most successful games studios in Southern Europe, with games reaching millions of players and spawning TV shows and collectibles. Novarama is the studio behind the hack’shoot’n’slash multiplayer action-RPG Killsquad, the Apple Arcade hit Samurai Jack: Battle through Time and the worldwide PlayStation AR phenomenon Invizimals. In 2022, Novarama partnered up with Tencent and are now working on the upcoming WWII shooter UNITED 1944.

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