Trinity Fusion

Reality-Hopping Trinity Fusion Hits Early Access on Steam and Epic Game Store!

Posted April 13, 2023
Cluj, Romania - April 13, 2023 - Save the multiverse from machine and mutant apocalypse! Indie dev Angry Mob Games launches action-roguelike Trinity Fusion in Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store for $24.99 with a 10% discount for the first week. Take control of Maya, a dimension-crossing psychic warrior, and prevent a multiversal apocalypse in rogue-lite action platformer Trinity Fusion. Wielding Maya’s three uniquely equipped parallel selves, fuse their worlds and overcome a genocidal machine uprising.

Each reality brings unique settings, enemies, and abilities. Apply a legion of weapons, spells, and technological tools in fast and fluid platforming battles. Brawl with blades and hammers, deploy debuffs, evade enemies, and overcome bosses across three parallel realities. Power up Maya’s alternate selves between runs – dive into the rift again and again.

Early Access for Trinity Fusion brings new biomes to explore and a flurry of new abilities while you step into Maya’s urgent mission to save humanity. Fluid traversal and combat combine with compelling world-building to create a rogue-lite that shatters expectations for the rogue-lite genre. 

A Journey Through the Multiverse - Fight through a combination of procedurally-generated levels and hand-crafted stages and arenas that will put your skills to the test. The 3D graphics and dark sci-fi aesthetic combine to create an engrossing world of hostile opponents and decayed futurescapes.

High-Intensity Combat - Utilize sophisticated weapon designs and attack systems that leverage Angry Mob Games’ previous experience in the fighting game genre. You’ll slide, dash and dodge between enemy attacks and strike back with an arsenal of satisfying special weapons and abilities. 

Three Heroines, Three Universes - Each of Maya’s parallel selves has her own world with multiple biomes to explore. Travel through a universe of desolate wastes and caverns roamed by mutant creatures, escape the endless forges and laboratories of a world ruled by machines, and survive the dangerous sky cities of a post-human society.

Continuous Progression - Unlock permanent upgrades in The Citadel and discover new starting points for your run as you reclaim major locations in each universe. Finding yourself getting stuck in one area? Start your next run in a different reality!

A Deep, Universe-Hopping Backstory
How did the multiverse end up in such a dire situation? Who are these people and machines that oppose you? Created by award-winning sci-fi author Ada Hoffmann, learn the backstory of the multiverse by speaking with the diverse cast of characters in the Citadel, Trinity Fusion’s hub world, and uncover hints of the darker side of its history as you explore the multiverse for yourself. 

Trinity Fusion joins the roster of “Just one more run!” roguelikes, combining sleek sci-fi visuals, the tightest controls in the genre, and a huge variety of spells and weaponry. Discover the next hit in roguelike action platformers. 

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About Angry Mob Games:
Angry Mob Games is an indie game studio based in Romania. Its most recent title is Brawlout, a party fighting game released on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2018. Prior to that, Angry Mob Games developed and released well-received mobile titles in the Aliens and Predator franchises, as well as its own IPs.

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