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Angry Mob Games Announces Exciting New ‘Boss Rush’ Beta Mode

Posted January 16, 2023
Cluj, Romania - January 16, 2023 - Today, Angry Mob Games, developer of Trinity Fusion, announced their new Boss Rush Beta mode, where Windows PC players on Steam can sign up for immediate access to the beta key build to put their hack n’ slash skills to the test. 

Players will have to face off against three bosses in a row within the Trinity Fusion universe in a controlled environment, defeating each boss with no healing support. Beating this mode will unlock a Flawless Mode where you face the same bosses, but taking a single hit will end the run for an additional challenge for those who seek it. 
The bosses they’ll face have their unique roles within Trinity Fusion. Equipped with devastating abilities and movesets, players will have to adapt to stand a chance against them readily.

They are as follows:

  • From the Underworld, the Lens Guardian: a three-eyed cybernetic mutant left behind by the Ewer and the Machines to prevent Altara from activating the Underworld Lens.
  • In the Overworld, Kera will square off against Typhon Two, a massive, tanklike Machine armed with missile barrages, lasers and area-denying energy fields.
  • Finally, Naira will take on the Ewer Eminence, the supreme leader of the Hyperworld and the girls' greatest foe yet.
In addition, Angry Mob Games will be holding a contest, encouraging players to submit videos of themselves completing the Boss Rush Beta and Flawless Mode for a chance to win a 64 GB Steam Deck or to name an upcoming NPC. Complete contest rules can be found on the website here. The contest will run from 10:00 AM until January 24th at 5:59 PM EST.

Do you have what it takes to overcome this challenge? Answer the call and sign up today!

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