Townsmen VR

Townsmen VR is available now on PlayStation VR2

Posted February 22, 2023
Giebelstadt, Germany, February 22nd, 2023: Our Townies have found a new home on your PlayStation®5 (PS5™) console. Experience Townsmen VR like you never have before with the brand-new PlayStation®VR2 headset and the unique haptic capabilities of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.
Townsmen VR gives you the god-like ability to hover above your island and control the fates of your inhabitants from a bird's eye view or zoom in to see your city from their perspective. Give orders and watch as your Townies execute them or take a more hands-on approach helping them directly with their daily tasks. Townsmen VR is fully interactive, meaning you can touch, feel and use almost anything in the game world. Brush over the forest and feel the tree tops tickle your hand, blow at the windmill to make it turn faster, or roast a fish over the fire. The choice is yours.

A fully voiced ensemble cast of characters will help you in the campaign to get your first villages off to a flying start and once you have mastered the systems, an endless sandbox mode will let you build to your heart's content. Not everyone is friendly though, so you’ll need to train soldiers and defend your island against foes.
Townsmen VR is available NOW, for PS VR2 on your PS5 system and will be sold as both a digital and, thanks to THQ Nordic, a physical version for USD 39,99 / € 39,99 / £ 34.99

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