Townsmen VR

One world is not enough!

Posted September 21, 2021
Giebelstadt, Germany, September 21st, 2021
Finally! Townsmen VR is entering the final stages of Early Access. After a complete redesign, you are no longer confined to a small island in the middle of an endless ocean. The latest Early Access update of Townsmen VR gives you not only a single island to explore but a world to interact with.

What to expect:
The world of Townsmen VR changed drastically. Whereas you just had one island to explore in the old version of the Early Access - the game was intended as a tech demo - you now still start on the tutorial island but one can expand their empire to a world of 13 different islands and archipelagoes. Filled to the brim with exciting features, adventures and things to lay your virtual hands-on. By now the crafting system has been expanded so you have up to 20 different raw materials to build, carve, bake and smelt goods with. For example knights.

Actual Early Access features

  • a complete overhaul of Townsmen VR,
  • a fully voiced campaign and story,
  • upgrades and add-ons for buildings,
  • research is added for further upgrades,
  • more animals like cows, sheep and chickens, but also game and wild animals.
  • Build a harbour to have a trader's ship and begin treasuring up riches,
  • buy things at the market instead of harvesting (if you have the gold, of course).
  • Time to reach out and build some bows and crossbows for your soldiers,
  • Pirates,
  • and some comfy features in the menu to ease your daily god-business.

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