Toasterball Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

Posted November 30, 2023
November 30th - Lille, France - After a successful reveal at Nintendo Indie World earlier this month, Toasterball is available today on Nintendo Switch!

Go chassis to chassis and play ball across five different arenas using a packed roster of amazing appliances, competing to see whose springs reign supreme. Easy to learn and hard to master, fling your focaccia and pitch your pumpernickel to hit the ball back at your opponents, all while dealing with unique modifiers and hazards you can set per game like miniature toasters and lava pits.

Toasterball is the perfect game to entertain friends & family this holiday season and it's available now Nintendo Switch for $9.99 USD, as well as on Steam where it has a 97% positive rating. 
 About Toasterball

Toasterball is a multiplayer physics-based sports game, quick to learn and perfect for good old game nights on a couch with friends (1-4 players local multiplayer). Because you are playing as toasters, you can naturally expect some chaotic physics, random situations, electrical hazard, and more burnt toasts than you can ever imagine. There is also a real learning curve, with pro moves and enough gameplay variants to keep on surprising you for hours. 

  •  Easy to learn, hard to master: The basics of Toasterball are very simple: just press one of the two buttons on your toaster for a short time, release it… and voilà! The longer you press, the higher your toast will fly.
  •  Unexpected variants: After each goal, a random gameplay variant is selected. New ball physics, lava pits, portals, moving platforms or explosions… No two matches are the same! 
  •  Iconic arenas:  Visit the 5 unique arenas from the game from the legendary Toasterball Arena to the warm beaches of Porto Rada.
  •  AI toasters: Meet Beep, Boop, and Bleep-Bloop, your new-generation AI toasters. Add them to your matches to fill the empty slot in your team, or for some single player fun!
  •  Custom matches: Enter the "custom mode" to choose any combination of variants and arenas you want. 
  •  Legendary athletes: Whether you are team Burners or Defrosters, play as one of the 14 legendary athletes from the Toasterball league!
 About Les Crafteurs

Les Crafteurs are four independent creators from Lille, France ; Alexandre Huyghe, Simon Brioul, Joris Mazelle & Théo Maria. Together, they joined forces to create all kinds of original projects, including Toasterball, a multiplayer sports game with toasters. They are also behind the puzzles of season 2 of the podcast Un Bon Moment, created and hosted by Kyan Khojandi & Navo, as well as the online scavenger hunt "Dans le living..." created for singer Matthieu Chedid. 

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