To the Star Announces Their New Game “To the Star”

Posted February 14, 2024
February 13th, 2024 – is excited to announce their next game, To the Star, a whimsical survival adventure game where players explore a surreal fantasy realm inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” craft bizarre objects in their Briefbase dimension, and fight incredible creatures to unravel the mystery behind the fallen star. 
The unconventional setting is not the only aspect of the game that sets itself apart from the realism focus of the majority of games in the survival adventure genre. The cooking system will allow for the creation of bizarre dishes from a wide array of ingredients, combining the mundane, like snail slime and snake meat, with the intangible, like suppressed emotions or lost dreams. You can eat those dishes or throw them at your enemy, literally giving him a taste of your feelings and burp  of satisfaction right afterward. What’s more, players will be able to create and save their recipes for dishes, concoctions, weapons, and gear by experimenting with different material combinations, provided that they have the proper crafting equipment. 

The game also features a robust base-building element. That little briefcase the hero carries on their back? It's more than meets the eye—it's a mobile portal to a private dimension where ample space awaits for constructing your base.
Integrating community feedback is a core pillar of the game's development process with the goal of adapting to players' ideas about the game’s direction. 

We're keen on integrating player feedback and ideas into the project from the get-go. The earlier we start, the more we will be able to modify” says Game Director Stan Just, “We want to invite survival adventure players to co-create this game with us by engaging in feature discussions, regular surveys, AMAs, and more. ” 
Players will be able to play the game in either single-player mode or co-op with up to four players, allowing them to explore and experience the unique challenges, building, and battling in every session. Keeping in the spirit of embracing the creativity of the community, To the Star will include comprehensive mod support, allowing players to enhance their gaming experience and ensuring a continually evolving world shaped by its players.

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