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Mark Thy Calendars: Medieval RTS The Valiant Releasing October 19th 2022

Posted September 21, 2022
Budapest, Hungary / Vienna, Austria, September 21st, 2022: Sharpen your sword, saddle your horse, and don your armor: medieval RTS The Valiant will be out on PC on October 19th, 2022. The game's focus is on intense tactical battles, fought by a small number of specialized troops, instead of massive armies clashing together. The Valiant offers a 16-mission-long story campaign, a new game+ mode, a cooperative "Last Man Standing" game mode, and - last but not least - PVP mayhem with up to 4 players.

In the latest trailer, The Valiant shows off the different biomes that players will visit in the campaign: from the burning deserts of the Holy Land to the icy mountain peaks of the Alps, and from the green and lavish Southern-German grasslands to the massive fortifications of Italy, the heroes will embark on an epic adventure across Europe.

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About The Valiant

Embark on a journey of brotherhood and redemption in The Valiant, a squad-based RTS set in 13th Century Europe and the Middle East. Command and level up your medieval knights as you fight through an epic single-player campaign, then take your skills online in both cooperative and competitive MP modes.

  • Squad-based RTS with a range of units, from tanky swordsmen to quick cavalry
  • Select hero-squads and auxiliary squads across 15 exciting, hand-crafted Single Player missions, each with custom cinematics, narrated journals, difficulty levels, and more
  • Six Hero Squads each with 3 different skill trees provide players with unique passive and active skills to choose from while leveling up their heroes
  • Large array of weapons and armors to loot and equip throughout the campaign, each with their own stats and special skill options
  • Combine hero skills and weapons/equipment for a huge selection of hero builds
  • Play cooperative with friends in the 3-player “Last Man Standing” mode, where you face hordes of enemies and earn experience to level up your knights and unlock new skills and cosmetics
  • Play competitively in multiple PVP game modes that support 1v1 and 2v2, with cosmetic meta-progression and special rewards for ranked play

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