The Pirate Queen - A Forgotten Legend


Posted February 15, 2024
LONDON, United Kingdom (February 15, 2024) - Singer Studios confirms the release date of multi-award-winning narrative adventure The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend, a cinematic immersive storytelling experience designed to captivate story seekers and history enthusiasts alike. Available on Meta Quest and Steam on March 7th for USD $18.99. The studio is extending The Pirate Queen franchise beyond VR into a graphic novel, film, and TV series. 
Voiced and executive produced by Hollywood star Lucy Liu, the game invites players to step into the boots of the infamous 19th-century pirate Cheng Shih. Explore moonlit cabins, climb precarious rigging, tackle puzzles, outsmart adversaries, and uncover the story of a forgotten legend. 

Celebrated for its compelling narrative and historically accurate environments, the game has earned critical acclaim, winning the Tribeca Storyscapes Award (2023) and the Raindance Discovery Award (2021).

"As a team, we were inspired by Cheng Shih's remarkable journey: she overcame adversity, defied gender norms, and ultimately rose to become one of the most formidable pirates in history" explains award-winning producer Eloise Singer, the project’s creative director, and Singer Studios’ CEO and Founder. “Bringing Cheng Shih's story to life has been hugely rewarding, and The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend is just the beginning. The game focuses on the night Cheng Shih came to power, and we’re excited to be expanding the narrative, telling her incredible story across a film, TV series, and graphic novel.”

From Cheng Shih's humble beginnings to taking the helm of the infamous Red Flag Fleet, the game's plot explores the tribulations of the night she came to power. Stunning visuals, atmospheric sound design and a meticulously researched historical setting transports players to the heart of the South China Sea during the Qing dynasty.

“As each level unfolds, players journey deeper into Cheng Shih's narrative, uncovering the escalating challenges she overcame and some of her extraordinary triumphs. We hope that players will be as captivated by Cheng Shih's story as we were while crafting this immersive experience,” describes Producer Siobhan McDonnell.

“Being of Chinese-German heritage and having grown up in Hong Kong, a culturally sensitive approach was very important to me,” notes writer Maja Bodenstein. “Our aim was to create a narrative that was both fun and educational, tailored around the player experience. To this end, we developed the story and the core gameplay functions simultaneously, to make sure our scenario made full use of the unique opportunities offered by VR.”

This narrative adventure game is just the beginning of an expansive franchise for “The Pirate Queen”. Created by Singer Studios, executive produced by Lucy Liu and Eloise Singer, the franchise will extend into a film and TV series, as well as a visually stunning graphic novel.


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