The Last Clockwinder

Rebuild A Mysterious Clocktower With Your Cloned BFFs in Award-Winning Title The Last Clockwinder!

Posted January 19, 2023
San Francisco, CA - January 19, 2023 -  Indie developer studio, Pontoco, is proud to announce that their cozy sci-fi puzzler, The Last Clockwinder, will make the leap to PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023. The Last Clockwinder captured several awards and accolades, including Meta Quest store’s Best Game of 2022, Hardcore Gamer’s Best VR Game of 2022, and being a finalist at the DICE Awards in both VR categories.

VR players can rejoice as the title will be available on day one upon the PlayStation VR2 release, joining in the new era of VR consoles.
The Last Clockwinder is a puzzle automation game about making synchronized contraptions out of your own clones. Players take on the role of Jules, a young woman determined to repair an ancient clocktower shrouded in mystery. Upon discovering a unique pair of gloves, you are bestowed with the power to create clones that can be directed to achieve various tasks that automate. Orchestrate a humming, intricate network of robotic clones to help with things like growing plants, harvesting resources and synthesizing new seeds, all of which lead to the eventual reinstatement of the Clocktower…and maybe some extracurricular activities along the way! 

As you work with your newly created friends to save the Clocktower, discover voice memos from childhood to piece together your complex past and protect your home.  

  • Make clones of your actions. Effortlessly create clones by simply acting it out, and the clones will mimic your actions. Orchestrate a symphony of clones to work together to achieve efficient solutions to the Clockwinder's tasks.   
  • Creative puzzle-solving! You can work toward finding the most efficient solution to every task or create wondrous feats of creativity. There are infinite solutions to every puzzle. You can even make them play music or coordinate an elaborate secret handshake!
  • A touching story. Fully voice acted by AAA voice cast Cissy Jones (Firewatch), Ray Chase (Final Fantasy), and Caitlyn Elizabeth, you play as a young woman trying to save her childhood home from sinking into the ocean.
  • Share your solutions. Each puzzle can be solved differently, so we expect people will want to share their super efficient or whimsical solutions…Or just 20 clones dancing!

Will you take on the great responsibility of restoring the Clocktower and uncovering the boundless mysteries within? Stay connected with the Pontoco team on Twitter and join Discord to keep up-to-date on the latest on The Last Clockwinder.  VR Creators/Reviewers can request a PS VR2 key on Terminals now. 

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