The Fantastic Kitty Rue

The Fantastic Kitty Rue Release Date Announcement

Posted December 05, 2022
Houston, United States, December 5th, 2022 - Journey to the retro-futuristic world of Felmuria where Felicity "Kitty" Rue dreams of rising from humble beginnings to become the next tap dancing virtuoso!

The Fantastic Kitty Rue is a point-and-click, visual novel-style adventure filled with puzzles and rhythm-based mini-games coming to Steam on December 16th.

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About The Fantastic Kitty Rue

On the retro-futuristic planet of Felmuria lives a little girl named Felicity Rue. Despite living in destitution, she dreams of becoming the most famous tap dancer in the galaxy! She'll chase her dream to the stars, even if it means running from Green Star cops, meeting strange new friends, and dancing her little heart out.

Gameplay Features

Explore the 1920s and art nouveau-inspired stylized environments while searching for objects to enhance your performance!

◇Converse with the unique residents of this alien world!

◇Perform fun dances to swing tunes as your quest for fame begins!

◇Avoid capture by Green Star, an energy company seeking to use child labor in their factories!

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