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The Crow's Eye Out Now! Watch Launch Trailer, and request!

Posted March 20, 2017



Compared favorably in early reviews to BioShock and Portal, The Crow's Eye is a great debut for Spanish indie team, 3D2 Entertainment. Solve the mystery of a series of long-forgotten disappearances, and try to escape the abandoned Crowswood Medical University. The Crow's Eye is a mix of puzzle solving and investigation, set on a backdrop of psychological disquiet.


3D2 Entertainment and Nkidu Games Are Proud to Present The Crow's Eye, Out Now on Steam for $14.99, Plus 10% Launch Discount

We're very excited to release The Crow's Eye on Steam. It's the debut game from 3D2 Entertainment, and this small indie team has done a great job with their available resources. Early reviews have compared the game to BioShock and Portal, with one reviewer calling it, "the most thoroughly engrossing game I've played this year"... and while we obviously won't try to suggest that the game is as good as those classics, it does tell us that people are really being grabbed by The Crow's Eye.

Watch the launch trailer now

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It's certainly surprised a number of people who went in expecting a fairly straightforward horror game; alas, if you're looking for endless jump scares and terrifying monsters, this isn't necessarily the right game. Delve into a murder mystery, and try to escape.

We really hope you'll enjoy this game, and that we can help the devs aim for even greater heights with their next project... they just need to sell some games, y'know? :)

- Tom Ohle, co-founder of Nkidu Games, director at Evolve PR

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