The Constructors

Creators of House Flipper and The Tenants Reveal New Game, The Constructors

Posted June 14, 2022
After testing your skills in cleaning and renovating filthy houses to sell them for profit, can you imagine running a construction company?
Cracow, Poland, June 12, 2022 - From old houses to worn-out apartments, the world of renovation sims keeps growing, this time with the reveal of The Constructors. During the PC Gaming Show, the developers behind House Flipper and The Tenants revealed a new game that is in the works with a new trailer. Now, they invite you into the world of large-scale construction project development. Visit the Steam page for more information. 

Ancient Forge Studio and Frozen District have joined their forces once again to make our dreams of running a construction company come true. The Constructors is about rebuilding and developing the urban landscape of Wondersville - a city you might know from The Tenants. Will you play by the rules or cut corners to maximize your profits? It's your call! 

As the company owner, you'll be tasked with designing new neighborhoods and hiring contractors to execute your vision. The real question is will you be able to stay calm while handling your clients? You know what they say - the successful businessperson is a calm businessperson, right? 

Unleash your creativity and build the neighborhood of your dreams. Adjust your designs to fit your clients' needs. Decide on the materials, the number of building stories, the shape of the apartments, windows, and type of light bulbs used in the hallways. Choose from a large collection of outdoor amenities to make your estates more appealing. Will you go for a small community playground or a rooftop basketball court?
The Constructors brings an exciting set of features:

  • Look for and auction land to build your properties on.
  • Collect all the required licenses and permits.
  • Design estates, buildings, and premade flats.
  • Focus on eco-friendly solutions in construction.
  • Deal with environmental issues (flooding, poor road access to the building site, etc.).
  • Handle production roadblocks such as protests from eco-friendly organizations, neighbors, native inhabitants, etc.
  • Prepare for the change of seasons and their impact on the construction process.
  • … and many more!

The Constructors is currently under development for the Steam platform. Visit and wishlist the game on Steam, and engage in the community conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels, where you can share your feedback! 

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