Superheroes Academy

Strategy Forge Reveals an Announcement Trailer of Superhero Management RTS Game, Coming 2022 on PC.

Posted November 03, 2021
Katowice, Poland - November 2nd, 2021 – After the positive reception of their previous title, Punk Wars Prologue, Polish developer Strategy Forge S.A. has just revealed their latest project, Superheroes Academy, in an announcement trailer showcasing the game’s Marvel Comic inspired superhero experience.

Watch the trailer here.
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About Superheroes Academy

In “Superheroes Academy”, you become the head of a superhero agency. It is a management-oriented real-time strategy game with procedurally generated content where you build your base, restructure your organization, and hire, train, and command your own team of superheroes. It is up to you whether or not America will be controlled by the supervillains or remain in a peaceful golden age.
The life of a superhero is not easy. In “Superheroes Academy”, There are so many ways to save the day:

  • Send your heroes to help people and pets in need. 
  • Go out on patrol and hunt down villains causing trouble among the locals.
  • Fight off a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or infighting between fellow heroes. A crisis can happen at any time, but only you have the power to help the world handle it.
  • Act quickly, as some tasks are only available for a limited time. If you fail to react, the consequences may be brutal for your agency. 
  • Remember, hero work doesn’t always pay the bills. To develop your agency, you also need to make money. 
  • Heroes never leave a bill, but that’s not the only way heroics pay; to earn money, you will have to send your superstar heroes on promotional campaigns, marketing their fame for funding!
  • Manage superheroes from two perspectives, from above on the world map or a special side-view that allows you to interact with your teams up close.
Level up your heroes, build and upgrade your agency to handle all opposition. Evil triumphs when good heroes do nothing!

  • Assign experienced heroes who can take care of the most complex tasks.
  • Manage your whole agency from headquarters, your home base, and the seat of your power
  • Build an academy and personally train young superheroes from scratch. This way you'll have the ability to mold characters that suit your needs much better.
  • Cultivate heroes’ superpowers in the laboratory.
  • Create and upgrade various specialized rooms in your home base to suit the unique needs of your super-powered staff.
  • Remember that you are not running the only superhero agency in Northern America. There are different agencies that you can compete or cooperate with.
About Strategy Forge

Strategy Forge is an independent games development studio that specializes in strategy games. The studio was founded in 2020 as a part of Jujubee Group and is located in Katowice, Poland. The biggest SF project is Punk Wars - a combat and tactics-oriented strategy drawing inspiration from the classic turn-based 4X titles.

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