Sucker for Love: Date to Die For

Sucker for Love: Date to Die For Brings the Spooky Romance Today

Posted April 23, 2024
Los Angeles, USA - April 23, 2024 — Anime-inspired visual novel, Sucker for Love: Date to Die For, developed by Akabaka and published by the horror maestros at DreadXP, launches today on Steam. A sequel to the cult-favorite dating sim, Sucker for Love: Date to Die For amps up the visuals with popping hand-drawn art and environments straight out of a nightmarish adventure, one with memorable characters that are not all to be feared.
Sucker for Love: Date to Die For is a visual adventure with a fresh playable character, monstrous love interests to fall for, occult rituals to summon and survive, and a whole lot of heartache. Explore the 360-degree hand-drawn environment in a first-person adventure style to find the next step in your quest to escape the cursed place. This is a love letter to Lovecraftian horror that focuses on the often neglected aspect of stories in the genre: the madmen and monsters under the thrall of the gods, rather than the eldritch gods themselves. 

Sucker for Love: Date to Die For subverts the typical visual novel dating tropes by putting the spotlight on Stardust, an asexual BIPOC woman who finds herself as the pursued rather than the pursuer. After investigating mysterious disappearances in her hometown of Sacramen-Cho, she ends up kidnapped and trapped deep in the disturbing labyrinthian woods, equipped only with a copy of the cultist's spellbook. She notices the instructions for summoning The Black Goat of the Woods, Rhok’zan, a ritual that sets in motion the events of a different kind of dating novel. Will Stardust escape the cultists at her heels? Will she find love in the process? It’s up to you to find out.

  • A fun four-chapter visual-novel romp through Lovecraftian mythos, inspired by classics like "The Dunwich Horror" and "The Shadow over Innsmouth".
  • Introducing Rhok'zan, The Black Goat of the Woods: a new dateable entity!
  • Multiple endings determined by player choice.
  • 360-degree, hand-drawn 2D environments!
  • Nostalgic art style reminiscent of old-school anime and classic dating sims!
  • Absolutely no scares whatsoever, we swear. Trust us haha!
Sucker for Love: Date to Die For is available today on Steam for $12.99 USD / £10.99 GBP / €12.79 EUR and has a launch discount of 10% off. A demo of the game is also available for those lovebirds who are still unsure if Rhok'zan is a match, but we’re certain she’ll convince you.

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About Akabaka

Akabaka is the solo indie game developer, designer, and artist behind Sucker for Love: First Date, Sucker for Love: Date to Die For, and Chromatose (upcoming).

He regularly scares himself while playtesting his own games.

About DreadXP

DreadXP is an independent horror games publisher. DreadXP’s goal is to seek out and publish great titles, and uplift members of the indie dev community. DreadXP releases include award-winning games such as The Mortuary Assistant, Sucker for Love: First Date, My Friendly Neighborhood, and the Dread X Collections, an anthology series of mini-horror games. DreadXP’s upcoming titles include  Dread Delusion, Heartworm, and Paranormal Activity. DreadXP is a sister company of the horror media website Dread Central, as well as the independent horror film production company, DREAD.

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