Squad Update 7.1 Adds New Sanxian Islands Map, Server Browser Improvements

Posted February 08, 2024
New Westminster, Canada — Feb 8th, 2024 —  Today, Offworld has announced that Update 7.1, the latest batch of enhancements to their popular 50v50 military FPS Squad, is now globally available for all players. The most notable addition is the Sanxian Islands: a brand-new map set across a string of volcanic islands in the Indo-Pacific region. 

The Sanxian Islands are of critical importance in the Pacific theater of war, as their position off the continental coast and industrial capabilities make them a prime region for military activity. Their hilly terrain is criss-crossed with rice paddies and sugar cane fields that feed into dense jungle and bamboo forests, while small fishing communities are spread out across the beaches. Watch the launch trailer below!
The Sanxian Isles provide a brand-new biome in wage to wage war—with lush jungles and sandy beaches—but also region-specific buildings and man-made environments. This map is primed for infantry warfare, with dense forests, crowded industrial zones, and small villages perfect for close-quarters combat. Amphibious vehicles and helicopters can easily transport troops from zone to zone, but infantry on the ground can also make their stand, sneaking through the jungles and shallow waters that connect the island chain together.
Notable landmarks and features of the new map include the power plant, canal town, and naval base. As well, the Sanxian Islands feature the following map layers:

 AAS v1 - USA vs PLA
 AAS v2 - USMC vs PLA
 AAS v3 - CAF vs PLA
 Invasion v1 - USMC attacking PLA
 Invasion v2 - PLANMC attacking USA
 RAAS v1 - USMC vs PLA
 RAAS v2 - ADF vs PLA
 Seed v1 - ADF vs PLA
 Skirmish v1 - USMC vs PLA
For more information about Squad, please visit: https://joinsquad.com/, or visit our social media channels at Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

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