Combined Arms FPS Squad Sells More Than 3 Million Copies

Posted June 30, 2022
Vancouver, Canada - June 30, 2022 - Offworld Industries proudly announced today that its large-scale combined arms multiplayer first-person shooter, Squad, has reached a new milestone, selling more than 3 million copies worldwide. Additionally, Squad recently hit a game record breaking concurrent 26,104 players enjoying the game at the same time and nearly 192,000 Squad players throughout the day. 

In celebration of the milestone, OWI has released a new accolades trailer highlighting exciting moments from Squad’s development.
“From Kickstarter, to Early Access, to launch, and then many sizable updates, it’s been a long and exciting road for Squad. Having now sold over three million copies, we’ve hit a massive milestone for a game that began with a small team of modders,” said Offworld Industries CEO Vlad Ceraldi. “Offworld is now a team of over one hundred developers, designers, artists, project managers, and other team members, a feat we can largely attribute to the success of Squad. This isn’t the end of Squad’s journey, we’re still just getting started - we’re continuing to create new content and experiences that I can’t wait for us to share in the future.” 

Squad is a large-scale combined arms multiplayer first-person shooter emphasizing combat realism through communication, team play, emphasizing strong squad cohesion mechanics as well as larger-scale coordination, tactics, and planning. It features 22 massive open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience with split-second decision-making in real-world scale firefights.
For more information about Squad, please visit: https://joinsquad.com/, or visit their social media channels at Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

About Offworld 
Offworld Industries was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate game modders on a mission to build a full-game version of the Project Reality mod. Now an acclaimed independent studio with more than 100 team members, Offworld is responsible for the ongoing development of the hit FPS shooter Squad, WW1 Trench Warfare title Beyond the Wire, and is the publisher of FPS title Post Scriptum.
Having sold well over three million copies of Squad, Offworld looks to the future with a focus on bringing players together in experiences where they must rely on teamwork in order to compete, in both existing and in-development titles.
For more information about Offworld, please visit: https://www.offworldindustries.com/

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