Spellforce Heroes & Magic

It's a kind of Magic: SpellForce Heroes & Magic out today!

Posted April 26, 2019

Giebelstadt, Germany, April 26th, 2019: It's your turn now! Start building your fantasy empire today, as SpellForce - Heroes & Magic is available now for mobile devices. So grab your sword, saddle your horse and while you are preparing to start your adventure, make sure to watch the new trailer to get into the right mood for conquering the lands of your enemies! 

Check out the new trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0RZ2k8HKCY

Choose wisely, what people you want to lead to glory and prosperity: The honorable Humans, the sinister Dark Elves or the fierce Orcs can't wait to forge their fortune under your banner. Meet other races like Dwarves, Trolls or Gargoyles and decide, if they are worthy allies or if you crush their forces on the battlefield. Conquer mines and quarries, discover hidden treasures, fight wild beasts and invade cities and make them part of your empire. 

SpellForce is one of our core franchises” says Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director THQ Nordic "With the expansion Soul Harvest for SpellForce III coming soon, we are happy that our colleagues at HandyGames are continuing to expand the franchise to mobile devices today. We hope that players on mobile devices enjoy the take on turn based tactics.

SpellForce -Heroes & Magic will be available for Android and iOS devices and follow HandyGames strategy of premium games. Buy once for 7,99 € / 7,99 US $ / 6.99 £ and there are no microtransactions, no lootboxes, no ads or any kind of free2play mechanics. Just a great game. 

Get SpellForce - Heroes & Magic for Android: https://tinyurl.com/SpellForceAndroid

Get SpellForce - Heroes & Magic for iOS: https://tinyurl.com/SpellForceiOS