It's dangerous to go alone! Bring your SCARF!

Posted September 23, 2021
Salamanca, Spain/Giebelstadt, Germany, 23rd September 2021
Discover your true destiny as you explore beautifully crafted worlds. Although pretty, these worlds have been altered in various ways. Something or someone is hiding the truth. What can you see on the horizon? What will the dawn of a new day bring? Zero-in on what's really going on in SCARF!

As soon as you are born into the gorgeous environments of SCARF, you are accompanied by a magical creature that has the ability to shape-shift. As a seemingly ordinary SCARF, it wraps around your small and weak avatar. It needs your help, finding its home and its mother. Your task on this odyssey is to follow the souls who stole the keys to finding the way home.

Always remember that you are never alone as you can rely on the shape-shifting powers of your trustworthy companion. Your fates are entwined.

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During your adventures in SCARF, you will have to solve all kinds of increasingly complex puzzles, overcome daunting obstacles and discover gorgeous new places, using interesting mechanics. Take your time and ease your breath in this wild world, do not fear the puzzles and challenges as the game mechanics are quite forgiving.

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