Neon-Folk Survival-Horror Saturnalia Launches Today!

Posted October 27, 2022
MILAN, Italy, October 27th, 2022 - After more than five years of development, Santa Ragione is proud to present Saturnalia, a single-player survival-horror adventure set in the Italian region of Sardinia in the year 1989 that tells the story of a mysterious, centuries-old ritual that occurs on the night of the winter solstice. Take control of four distinct co-protagonists and utilize their unique abilities in order to avoid a terrible creature, expose the secrets haunting the town, and ultimately escape the village of Gravoi. Visit the official Saturnalia website for more information!
A fever dream inspired in equal parts by authentic Sardinian culture and classic Italian giallo horror films, Saturnalia is a terrifying tribute to Santa Ragione’s home country, and a celebration of survival-horror adventures across the medium. “After such a long journey, my team and I are beyond thrilled that you are finally getting a chance to play Saturnalia,” said Studio Director Pietro Righi Riva. “We took this opportunity to truly experiment with new mechanics and technology, and to tell a story that will surprise you. We hope it will make for a memorable Halloween season, and linger with you long after!”
An honorable mention for the Seamus McNally Grand Prize at the 2022 Independent Games Festival and a nominee for the Grand Prize at the 2021 A MAZE. and IndieCade Awards, Saturnalia was developed and published by Santa Ragione in collaboration with production co-funder Big Trouble, and invites players into a daring neon-folk nightmare:

  • Seek clues in a maze-like village with no markers or compass to guide your steps.
  • Explore the ever-changing town of Gravoi using matches to keep the dark at bay.
  • Flight and stealth are your only options, as you cannot fight the creature that hunts you.
  • Immerse yourself in the stop-motion animation and vibrant expressionist art style of Saturnalia for an eerily beautiful atmosphere that is as enthralling as it is chilling.
  • Control your fate through non-linear progression and a dynamic, adaptive narrative, with unique endgames dependent on player choices.

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