Punk Wars

Download the demo, lead the Steam faction and clash on the ruins of the fallen civilization!

Posted June 24, 2021
Katowice, Poland June 23, 2021 - With Steam Next Fest behind us, Strategy Forge and publisher, Jujubee is thrilled to announce that the Punk Wars demo preview that launched during the event, will be extended! The demo version has been updated and now offers an extended and improved experience.

Punk Wars - a single-player, combat-heavy twist on a classic turn-based 4X strategy where steam, steel, atom, and diesel-punk clash to spread their technology and philosophy. 

Watch the trailer here!

Please note that the demo is available for download for a limited period of time. 
About The Game
Punk Wars tells the story of four new powers emerging from the ashes of a global cataclysm and fighting for domination on the ruins of a once magnificent megacity. Become the powerful leader of the messianic Steampunk group, the tenebrous Dieselpunk, militaristic Steelpunk or technocratic Atompunk; each faction holding the key to a different branch of industrial science, with a different set of unique skills. 

Explore the ruins of a bygone civilization, where resources are scarce and the dangers way too common. Develop your infrastructure and technology that will secure your triumph. Create a winning strategy and a playstyle for each faction, utilizing their distinctive skills and units. Become the messiah of the new age and lead humanity towards the era of prosperity and happiness… as you see it. 
Take control of one of the four powerful corporations - Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, or Steelpunk - and use its unique skill set to lead it to glory.

  • Explore the mysteries of a ruined, post-apocalyptic megacity.
  • Level up your units and engage in battles that will challenge your tactical prowess.
  • Grow your scientific, industrial and military infrastructure, creating advanced supply chains.
  • Seek, garner, and wisely use the scarce resources available to you.
  • Unite humanity and lead it to the new era of peace and prosperity!

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