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Potion Tycoon is Open for Business With the New Brick & Mortar Major Update

Posted September 13, 2023
HAMBURG, Germany, September 13, 2023 — Daedalic Entertainment and Snowhound Games are celebrating the 6-month anniversary of Potion Tycoon in Steam Early Access with Brick & Mortar, a massive content update that includes the community’s most desired updates including construction and renovations! These latest improvements allow existing players along with newcomers to experience it as a true potion tycoon!
Potion Tycoon is a magical take on the management simulation genre. Open your own potion shop and strive to become the most successful brewer of magical concoctions in the realm. Manage all aspects of the potion mixing business from experimenting with various recipes, to competing for resources or raising your own magical plants or fungi, as well as optimizing your production lines. The team at Snowhound Games has been hard at work, listening to players and improving the game with this 3rd major update. Get ready for these latest additions:

  • Floodlands - A new game starting location. The “Floodlands” features diverse scenery and a larger construction area to build the potion house within.
  • Construction Mode - Entire rooms can now be moved around in Construction mode, with all the equipment and room content contained inside, and why not update the room’s color while you’re moving them around?
  • Larger Rooms - Rooms can be stretched much wider to allow for increased equipment, storage, or whatever you need. Bigger = better!
  • New Monsters - Never mind the competition, worry about the skeletons arising in the basement, headless ghosts in the halls, or trolls on the bridges!
  • Much, Much More - There are a host of new fixes, updates, and balance changes requested by Potion Tycoon fans. Don’t have a potion to banish that skeleton ready? Knock it out with a rock while you prepare one! You can read all of the content updates in Brick & Mortar HERE.

Potion Tycoon is now available for PCs in Steam Early Access. For more details about budding potion tycoons and a plethora of other vocations, please check Daedalic’s Twitter. Please also check the press area on the Daedalic Website. Thanks.

Press materials are available for download here.

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