Potion Tycoon

Enter the Magic Potion Business in Potion Tycoon

Posted September 09, 2021
Hamburg, Germany - September 9th, 2021 — Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Snowhound Games, the studio behind the roguelike RPG Deep Sky Derelicts, have cooked up a management sim with a twist that is sure to bring magic into your life: Potion Tycoon allows you to manage your own magic potion shop, research recipes, secure resources, mix potions, build and optimize your production lines and expand your empire to rule the magical potion market. The game is set to release on Steam Early Access in early 2022. 

Potion Tycoon is a magical take on the management simulation genre. Open your own potion shop in a beautifully hand-drawn 2D world and strive to become the most successful brewer of magical concoctions in the realm. Manage all aspects of the potion mixing business: Experiment with various recipes, from healing to summoning potions, compete for resources or raise your own magical plants or fungi, and optimize your production lines. Expand your business by hiring new staff and researching new potions and machinery. Once you have set up a sophisticated, large-scale potion brewing facility, take a moment to watch your shop perform like a well-oiled machine.

Performance is not everything, a successful shop needs to build a brand to expand. Wow your customers by researching new furniture and creating the most beautiful storefront with the most exclusive philtres. An exquisite store might even attract VIPs, and special contracts can do wonders for your business - but make sure to fulfill their requests, otherwise, they might ruin your reputation! 
Magical features:
  • A tycoon game with a witchy twist: Build and grow your own magic shop.
  • Deep management simulation: Manage production, prices and staff to build an efficient business.
  • Research, construct and innovate: Develop your potion empire all the way from humble beginnings to high-end store.
  • Elaborate alchemy system: Experiment with tons of ingredients and combinations to create new and improved potions.
  • Profound market simulation: Dynamic events, market trends and competing companies to keep you on your toes.
  • Playful 2D hand-drawn style: Enjoy watching the bustling life in your shop as automated production lines work hard and customers visit your store!

More information and news can be found on the Potion Tycoon Steam site

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