Feel the Funk Again with PopSlinger, a Vibrant Shoot´em up Developed by Funky Can Creative and Published by Artax Games!

Posted February 15, 2024
February 15th - The funky shoot´em up PopSlinger by Funky Can Creative studio is a reality! Embark in a vibrant and colourful adventure, published by Artax Games, and coming later this month to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

PopSlinger is coming to
PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on February 29th for $12.49 USD and is still available on PC & Nintendo Switch! 

About PopSlinger

Join Ria Carbon, an aspiring to PopSlinger, and former PopSlinger Gin, to defend their world against hordes of invading corazones. Armed with her trustful soda pistol, Ria will traverse several pop culture-based scenarios and fight terrible bosses so she can save the world. Funk music, friendship and a challenging adventure waits for you in PopSlinger.

Travel a funky aesthetic world, heavily inspired in the ‘80s, ‘90s and new retro style, with tons of pop culture references. With an accompanying funky original soundtrack, this game is ready to rock (or, better, funk!) with a visual and musical explosion.

Save Ria and Gin´s home against the otherworldly invaders, while discovering the motivations of each character in this narrative focused story. 

  • EXPLORABLE WORLD: Enjoy a fully explorable hub world, with 6 stages to fight in!
  • UNLOCKABLE ABILITIES AND WEAPONS: Discover 4 unlockable and upgradeable abilities for Gin, and 4 different unlockable soda flavors for the Soda Gun.
  • ARCADE INSPIRATION: Arcade style enemies and bosses, with arcade-machine reminiscent high score and ratings.
  • VOICES AND MUSIC: Fully voiced cut-scenes with animated, hand-drawn portraits, as well as an original, dynamic soundtrack that reacts to the player´s performance.
  • CRISP HI-REZ ART: Enjoy it at full 4K resolution in PS5 and Xbox Series X.

About Artax Games
Founded in 2016 as an independent game dev company, Artax Games now counts with +30 outstanding professionals and has a growing portfolio with titles on all main platforms: Steam, Switch, PS4/5, XBO/S-X, iOS and Android.

As a friendly video games publisher since 2020, Artax Games goal is to provide opportunities for local game studios with little gems or meaningful games and help them build a global success by bringing their games to the gamers community worldwide. 

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