Pile Up!

Ready? Get Set. Unpack! Pile Up! Box by Box is Out Now!

Posted March 18, 2021
Giebelstadt, March 18th, 2021

In a time when color left the box world and dreariness and coldness hit, only solidarity and teamwork can save the Boxlings from eternal shades of grey. Now, it is up to you! Become a Boxling to experience family-friendly co-op adventures and unfold mysteries while solving puzzles and quests as a team in your unique way! Explore a colorful world made entirely of cardboard together, as you visit the friendly citizens of sun-baked islands, amber forests, and vibrant caves!

PileUp! Box by Box ticks all the right boxes as a family-friendly cooperative 3D platformer! Jump up, slide down, play together and carry the load!

Watch the Pile Up! gameplay trailer

Play together, stick together, think together – and Pile Up! Box by Box

Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch coming in summer 2021!

Buy now on Steam!  Buy now on GOG! $ 14.99 | € 14,99 | £ 13,49 |

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