Path of Titans

Two New Dinosaurs Step into Path of Titans Today!

Posted November 15, 2022
November 15th - Victoria, Australia - Feel the ground shake as two new scale covered beasts clash out on the plains of Panjura in Alderon Game's Dinosaur Survival MMO, Path of Titans.

Face your problems head-on with the Pachycephalosaurus, a headbutting, hard charging, spike jawed… grass eater? Dominate any potential predator with this thick-skulled herbivore's ability to ram into foes and knock them back, following that up with a barrage of tail and claw attacks to sending them scurrying, all so you can get back to a peaceful meal of berries and plants.

Or perhaps you've got a taste for meat and would rather stalk the trees with the apex predator of the deep forests, Pycnonemosaurus. A terrifying theropod coming straight from the heart of Brazil, Pycno is a carnivorous contender looking use its own brand of bloodlust to take the crown from the Tyrannosaurus and sit atop the food chain of Panjura.

About Path of Titans

Path of Titans, the dinosaur MMO survival game! New features and content updates are added monthly.

Begin as a baby hatchling and grow to an adult dinosaur! Over 25 dinosaur species to play, including favorites like Allosaurus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Sarcosuchus. Hunt and attack other players, defend yourself, and don’t get eaten to be the apex of Panjura!

A huge 8km x 8km seamless environment filled with up to 200 players per server. Group up with players to explore and complete quests together. Cross Play on many devices and operating systems that can all connect to the same game servers, so you can play with your friends no matter what their gaming device might be!

Unlock skins and change colors and markings of your dinosaur. You can choose brighter colors to stand out from your pack or use camouflage to blend in with your surroundings. Complete quests to unlock new combat abilities like bone breaking tail slam, bleeding claws, and venom bite! Create a character unique to you!

Discover your own personal cave and decorate with items earned from questing. Invite your friends to join you and hang out together!

About Alderon Games
We're an independent game studio with a team of video game developers who are committed to making the games we've always dreamed of playing into reality. Based in Victoria, Australia, our diverse team mixes strong technical know-how with creativity and innovation in the video game genres that matter most to us. Our primary focus is game development with Unreal Engine and game development for both PC and mobile. Nearly every member of our team first began their game developer journey as modders and, to us, modding is one of the most essential aspects of our games. We also believe cross-platform play is the future of gaming, and we have a strong commitment to enabling cross platform play for all of our titles.

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