Operation Valor

Operation Valor Deploys a Limited Twitch Beta This Saturday

Posted September 28, 2023
September 28th - One Dawn Studios is excited to be running a special limited beta this weekend for their upcoming top-down military shooter, Operation Valor!

Operation Valor is a tense team-based multiplayer shooter in the same vein as Battlefield or Insurgency but from a top down perspective and with a layer of base-building strategy. Players need to work together to manage resources and construct forward op bases, while keeping in the fight both on foot and in deployed vehicles in large 27 vs 27 battles. With 7 distinct infantry roles on offer as well, there's a lot of variety to work with and interesting tactical formations you can utilize as you coordinate with your squad, dismantle enemy installations, and try to seize the day.

The beta runs from Noon to 6PM PST on September 30th, and One Dawn is offering Twitch Drops for the game during that time. Jump into the fight and rally your community behind with keys for them as well! Check out Operation Valor now before it launches on Steam next month on October 19th.

About Operation Valor

Operation Valor is a tactical top-down multiplayer shooter that provides large-scale combat through base building and teamwork. This game is a cross between action-packed military gameplay and RTS-style mechanics. Players will fight across diverse battlefields with squad-based action in vehicles, or on foot. Prepare for an exciting battle utilizing strategy, logistics, and base building.

Release Features
  • At least 3 maps
  • Buildable objects that will give you an advantage on the battlefield
  • Light vehicles (MRAP and Logi Truck)
  • Team specific weapons
  • Class specific weapons including the mine, satchel charge, RPG, repair wrench, medic bag, etc.
  • Stats and Leaderboards
  • Ranks
About One Dawn Studios

One Dawn Studios is a group of 3 guys who met online that are trying to make their first full release game. In the start of 2021, they went from 3 to 5 developers. 

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