Neighbours back From Hell

Keep your enemies closer, but your neighbour in your pocket!

Posted August 03, 2021
Vienna, Austria / Giebelstadt, Germany, 3rd August 2021
As Woody, the vengeful star protagonist of Neighbours back From Hell, you will prank your way through Seasons 1 and 2 of the fictitious, but aptly named TV show. Take the mischief from your nasty neighbour’s flat all the way to China, India and Mexico where you will make sure his holiday is a living hell.
While you’re at it, why limit targeting your antics at your neighbour, when you can involve his mother and fellow travellers? Whatever you decide to do, your trusty camera crew will be right there and keep a keen eye on all the action. You can let your crooked creativity flow freely and watch the neighbour rage in desperation.

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